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Verton The Fugitive

Day 2 I am in jail, and um I think these guards are hiding something, they going somewhere called the "The Pit of Decay." In the cafeteria I was able to sneak back a fork, the prisoners here are insane. Yesterday someone tried to kill me, WITH A SOAP BAR. During my free time I followed the guards being sure not to be seen. I followed them into the Pit of Decay. I heard screaming someone was being tortured. I looked over and it was a prisoner, not just any prisoner. The one that tried to kill me. Oh god I think they see me, they ran over and bashed me in the head with a rock, I was knocked out.

Day 3 Looks I took the killers place in the pit. The guards are coming back, I am going to pretend to sleep. They are getting close, they have a bucket in their hands, oh no. The guards poured a bucket of water on my head. "AAAAH!" well that sure woke me up. "Verton your lucky, we have to set you free." I left and went back to my cell waiting for my tribe to rescue me. I had used floss and a bar of soap to make a slingshot and shot it out my window so they knew where to go. I started to doze off.

Day 4 They're here

Don't forget about the live today at 6:00 eastern time

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