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Verton The Fugitive

Day 1 Welcome, your probably reading this in 2021 thank god that year is over. I am Verton I am in 2055 and I have some explaining to do. So basically there are 4 tribes now, they are sorted by names I only know one, my tribe Hucum. That's all you need too know, you will understand things better about or time as you read on. Alright right now I am running as fast as I can from the other tribes, did I forget to mention I was a fugitive. Okay I think I lost them. I'm hiding behind a rock, but its kind of squishy... wait its not a rock. "AAAAAHHH!!"

Day 2 I am in jail, and um I think these guards are hiding something, they going somewhere called the "The Pit Decay.".

This is just a story I'll post a bit more everyday sorry we haven't posted in a while we are started to try and get back on track with that also now that i have been promoted to writer I can finally figure out how to go live guys to give me a few days and expect a live soon. Let me know if you like this story so far and follow me by clicking my name on the post, also follow Julian and let us know what series you want to see next since the Blocket one is over and sorry we couldn't post all the parts Julian's laptop couldn't hold all the storage.

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